Sunday, October 23, 2011

Miliband urges Cameron to miss Commonwealth HOG meeting for further EU humiliation!

Cameron, bruised football of the powers that be in the EU, is on his way back to London this afternoon, as the serious business of deciding the future course of Europe gets underway, amongst the main players in the Euro Group of former sovereign and soon ex-democratic nations.

Continued humiliation for Britain will be guaranteed tomorrow by Ed Miliband, supporting Cameron to reject a British EU referendum in the House of Commons tomorrow, with a three line whip for Labour MPs to also vote in support of the treacherous and devious Tory leader and his EU Comptrollers!

Laughingly, this same leader of the Labour Perty, which sold the country out by delivering us bound and gagged under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, shamelessly reneging on their promise of a referendum, today suggested (see also here,) on the BBC's The Politics Show, this lunchtime, that Cameron, at the moment of being ejected and excluded from the discussions in Brussels, should also cancel his trip to Perth in Western Australia, this week, where the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting is taking place, in what should be a perfect opportunity for our country to shake off the introverted sloth caused by the corrupt EU and thereafter to once again re-forge our historical worldwide trading links!

We must very soon begin to restore our national wealth, sapped as it has been by the EU over many years of devious subservience, or the resulting countrywide poverty will undermine the national will even more severely, as seems the intention and objective of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband!

The Commonwealth could soon become our salvation, if we can but be saved from the treachery of the present ruling political class!

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