Sunday, October 23, 2011

The partly justified glorification of Gadaffi's gruesome end.

Britain's weak and wimpish establishment have adopted a 'holier than thou' approach to the events surrounding the capture, death and aftermath of Colonel Gadaffi. Is it perhaps partly because they also involve themselves in similar manipulations and distortions to contort the very meaning of the term democracy, that they fear one day they may share a similar fate?

It seems to have been forgotten that they only belatedly acted, at the main prompting of President Sarkozy of France, when a complete bloodbath of thousands of innocent civilians was about to take place in Benghazi.

The citizens of Misratah faced months of vicious bombardment by Gadaffi's merceneraries, can we not understand the human urge to stand in line and see with their own eyes, if not digitally record, that the individual who caused decades of untold misery to your country, your family and yourself, is indeed really and truly dead? Read here.

Well I have some news for the leaders of the West, busy accomplishing similar democracy destroying devices all across Europe. People do notice, we are not stupid - we see and note what you have accomplished!

What is planned in Westminster, for tomorrow, with a three line whip being imposed by Britain's three main party Leaders on their MPs in the Commons, is a device designed to set in place, no doubt hopefully they believe for all time, the destruction of Britain's Parliament, that our leaders, after forty years of devious deceit and conspiracy, have now almost totally accomplished.

Any MPs voting against the granting of a referendum to Britain's voters, on Britain's continued subjugation to the clearly collapsing EU, must today and tomorrow be made aware, that if they seek to gain further continuing power, perks and pensions from thus betraying their supposed loyalty to democratic independent rule, they should best think again. Breaking such slender strands of loyalties to Parties concerned sloely with their own amassing of extra power and wealth, should be as nothing when compared to destroying our rights carefully acquired, treasured and died for down the centuires!

Britons, as a civilised people, must abhor what has happened over Gadaffi's death, while understanding the motives and raw human emotion behind such acts. Britain's MPs, betraying their historic duty in Parliament tomorrow, must do so in the full knowledge, that the people of Britain will eventually ensure that they lose all that they seek to gain from such treachery!

This October 24th will be a watershed for British democracy, imposing the three line whip has ensured that such must become the case. It is an act of extreme arrogance and stupidity, it fittingly illustrates the natures of the completely contemptible scum who act as front men and women for those who now actually govern us from abroad and sometimes even at home.

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Here Here, Well said.

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