Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trying to understand the Germans

A Daily Telegraph report this morning, appears to signal yet another about face by Angela Merkel's administration over bailouts, read from here, this follows the collapse of Cyprus, as I reported on this blog last evening.

More on the total confusion over what the Euro Groupe actually agreed last week may be read from here in EurActiv and here from the WSJ!

In response to my posting on Frederick Forsyth's newspaper article last Sunday, warning of a German Fourth Reich, I was contacted by the author of "Sorry I Am German", a Polemic, by Detlef Gürtler, via his publisher  with a pdf of his book. which may be purchased as an e-book from here. It is worth the read, at only €3.99 but throws little light on where the EU might go next, I am sorry to say!

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