Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Urgent Facts the British people need to consider and address.

1. The political leaders of the three main political parties have allowed the UK political system to become usurped by a corrupt media. How can the country expect those party leaders, so clearly completely controlled by outside interests, to steer a new course in the crisis riven western world now clearly emerging?

2. The decisions taken at the meeting last week of the leaders of the Euro Group of European States, will substantially change the nature of the European Union, far beyond the entity ever even contemplated by the Lisbon Treaty. What will Britain's place be alongside the certain totalitarian and non-democratic, centrally controlled nightmare that will emerge?

The following videos describe what has now been delivered to Greece, other small nations will soon be similarly crushed in pursuit of centralised power in Europe, the very real nightmare that has existed down the centuries, which generations from our islands have fought to prevent, is now becoming reality with NONE resisting.

H/T Covering Delta

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