Sunday, July 24, 2011

Frederick Forsyth warns the Irish of the Fourth Reich

In the Irish Independent, this morning, the author of 'The Day of the Jackal' and 'The Odessa File' spells out the facts of the latest EU agreement for the people of Ireland, read here.

We must all hope that Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, does not believe any of the garbage he reportedly wrote (as summarised elsewhere) in today's Sunday Telegraph, on the EU now being on a better course!

The huge sums of taxpayers money, on which I posted yesterday evening, promised by the UK is hopefully being offered as a lifeline to the Irish people, with whom we share thes precious islands, happily all well removed from the European Continental land mass, which has always been the greatest source of danger to democracy, freedom and our own particular way of life. The Irish Times reports that talks on saving the Bank of Ireland are continuing today, read here.

In the coming weeks I will be publishing an electronic version of my book 'Millennium Blitzkrieg', written in the middle to late nineteen-nineties, predicting all this coming to a climax in the year 2014. Links will be made available from this blog. I quote below the critical section of Mr Forsyth's article:

Germany is not Father Christmas and would never dream of putting up such sums either out of brotherly generosity or even to save the EU superstate. It will do it for two reasons.
First, the vast majority is never intended to be disbursed. It will simply be moved from the German Federal Bank to the European Central Bank; a paper transaction between two banks about 500 yards apart in Frankfurt.
Secondly, it will be said that this huge treasure is an available float to reassure the banks (ie the money markets) which it will, that they will all be covered if such a thing as the last two years should ever happen again. Therein lies the hidden sting. The German's intend to ensure that it never happens again. Ever.
And there is only one way to ensure that. Run the joint. So for the weaklings the deal will be put with silken ruthlessness. If you want to remain in the EU you must remain in the eurozone.
To do that you must sign up to the European Monetary Fund. This guarantees that you do not go bust, but it has rules. The first is that you hand over to wiser heads the running of your economy.
You will hand it over to the EMF. But who will really control the EMF? Brussels? No, Berlin. It will be called fiscal (or economic) union but that will only mask Germany's mastery.
Many historians overlook a simple fact about both world wars. They were not just about marching infantry (the first) or rolling tanks (the second). In complete parallel to German aggression in 1914 and 1939 were immensely detailed plans from Berlin's economics ministry for the full unification of Europe's economies. But with strict terms.
Germany does not want your competition in manufactured products. It has enough of its own and more. It needs to export the surplus in huge quantities to keep those factories rolling and the electorate employed and happy. That is best achieved by client states.
It also wants a constant stream of cheap food to fill those 80 million German bellies, the other half of the 'happy electorate' equation. Both are the jobs of colonies: to provide cheap labour, raw materials, agricultural produce and a ready market for the trinkets.
So the arc from Greece (south-east) via Italy (south-central) to Spain/Portugal (south-west) and Ireland (due west) will have to be deindustrialised to fill the role. Actually, it is well under way. All five countries have for some time been undergoing slow de-industrialisation. Berlin's final control of this was sealed last Thursday. And, of course, the EMF will not only fix your borrowing rates to ensure you never go mad again, but also your tax rates.
Now, if there is one thing that has really irritated Germany it has been Ireland's tiny corporation taxes which have drawn billions in investments into Ireland. That is competition, and not the job of a colony. So your taxes will have to rise.
If you disbelieve me, glance at the helpless George Papandreou down there in Athens. A premier in name only. In truth a puppet now, a regional bailiff doing the bidding of others far away.
How ironic that what two years ago seemed possibly to be the death knell of the eurozone has been transformed by German money into the guarantee of the super-state. For Ireland, membership is beckoning ... but only as a servant.
The British, I am surer now than for years, will not go down that road. We no longer want to boss anyone around, but we will not be bullied either. Between a locked-in Europe of forelock-tuggers and the wide open seas, we will, like our fathers, pick the oceans.

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