Sunday, July 24, 2011

Treasures from the threads - Number 64

The quoted comment comes to an article by Janet Daley in the Telegraph Online:


One of the scariest things about the Norwegian killer was he holds the same beliefs as many people commenting here and on other newspaper sites, namely that immigration has gone too far and the EU is an evil socialist union, these are things that many people agree with but we don't hear hardly any discussion of, especially on the BBC.

In his video (now deleted) the "EUSSR" takes centre stage. These are not fringe lunatic views but the views of millions all over europe and one's that I would certainly agree with.

The difference between him and other commenters is he was cold and evil and insane enough to execute 15 yr old children where as most would find the idea repulsive, I've fought in a war and witnessed killing and bloodshed but that would take a soul far darker than mine.

I generally have a good forsight, and am able to predict where most things are headed with some degree of accuracy in politics, not because I'm nostradamus, but because I usually ignore the mainstream media and read between the lines, as I'm sure many others do.

Now, my point is, how long before we see another attack, not aimed against children, but possibly against Muslims or EU organisations, how long can the people that run the countries of europe keep ignoring the people that live in them.

Somewhere along the line they've forgotten that they're supposed to serve and they now think it's ok to show open contempt for us.

How do we force these discussions of the blog pages and into the mainstream media, to prevent violence from nutters who feel they're not being listened to.

Discussions like this need to be on the BBC evening news, not  on obscure blog pages, we're talking about the slow giving away of our national sovereinty for heavens sake, why in gods name is it not newsworthy enough for the state funded broadcaster.

Until we, the peaceful amongst us, stand up and force this into the evening news, we stand the risk of nutters making political statements for our beleifs.
Something has to change drastically, or more violence will surely follow, especially as the Euro collapses and people's wages wont buy a loaf of bread, there will then be millions of angry people having seen their country's wealth sqaundered by the elites who've ignored them at every turn with nothing left to lose, what do you think they might do?




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