Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse & Rebecca Leighton - A Double Dose of Despair?

Amy Whitehouse, died at 27 years of age, on the same day that Rebecca Leighton, 27 years of age, was charged with criminal damage with intent to endanger life, following the deaths of five patients at Stepping Hill hospital. Co-incidence perhaps, yet both youngsters surely epitomize the despair that the baby boomer generation has passed to so many of their children.

Take the words of Amy Whitehouse’s greatest hit, “They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, “ no,no,no”. Consider the press pictures of the partying Rebecca Leighton, but consider too what may have motivated her - trained as  she was as a nurse, in an environment of cost cutting and huge administrative incompetence. What was the attitude of those who should have been her role models from Stepping Hill hospital to the very peak of the NHS within succeeding Cabinets. Hypocrisy was and is the ethos of the NHS, contempt for the sick and elderly the truly sickening end result.

Was news of the evil acts emanating from Norway the final straw for Winehouse? We will never know!

Few of us who had the duty, to care for and nurture today’s younger adult generation, can examine our own lifestyles with a completely clear conscience, I would wager. What motivated Anders Behring Breivik, we shall soon, no doubt, hear in his own words. Those who should be in the dock with Rebecca Leighton, we shall never know, but let us hope, that they themselves, at least have some remaining shreds of decency and self-awareness to at least have a clue.

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