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More on the IDS ouster, here Howard's capitulation to Germany in Berlin!

February 2004 saw the new Tory Leader Michael Howard capitulate to the EU forces that had allowed him to assume leadership of the Conservative Party, first with this bloggers suggestion that, just as in the case of Margaret Thatcher's removal, I believed it was the German Christian Democrat Party behind the plot, and the second on his re-submitting his MEPs to control by the federalist EPP in the European Parliament. Many of the links in these quotes, uhappily no longer function. The entire month's blogging on Ironies, comes up with this link, scoll through to find the blogs quoted, others are, also today, perhaps of interest:


Were Germany's Christian Democrats behind IDS Ouster

According to a recent BBC documentary on Anglo-German relations, it was fairly clearly implied that Chancellor Kohl of Germany's Christian Democrats party was largely responsible for getting rid of Margaret Thatcher and her replacement by John Major who it quickly became clear was very much a German poodle, who ingratiatingly sucked up to Chancellor until the fiasco of Black Wednesday destroyed the one-sided friendship, and of course the Conservative Party.

Now we watch as the plans of IDS to pull away from the German Christian Democrat dominated European Peoples Party all come to nothing as his successor announces a renewal of the hypocritical deal with the arch-federalists. Where will it be announced - tomorrow in Berlin, nice and handy for the pat on the head, perhaps?

Which Tory MEPs will have the nerve or courage to distance themselves from this tragedy, will this cause the long awaited split which the country now so desperately requires - time will tell!

For more links on this topic try EUobserver, The Scotsman and an earlier Q & A on the EPP fromEUPolitix

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Disgusting Deal on the EU by Howard

Reuters carries a report on a deal to be announced tomorrow, fittingly enough in Berlin by Michael Howard, that spells the end of Conservative resistance to the European Union by extending that party's membership of the extreme federalist European Peoples Party. Blair will also be in the German capital selling out more of this country's democracy and hard won freedoms, and no doubt receiving his instructions for further capitulation when he assembles with several of his ministers before the Franco/German axis next week.

Read the amazing facts of this supposed eurosceptic, Atlanticist's and clearly totally hypocritical political disgrace's total surrender to non-democratic EU federalism from the link to the item titledTories re-embrace European centre-right

Read the whole dreadful manifesto of the European People's Party which astoundingly among other horrors sacrfices Britain's separate foreign and defence policies and potentially seems ready to sever our essential NATO defence dependency, from this link:-

EPP 2004 Manifesto

Read some earlier comments on Ironies from here and here. I will scan the net for traces of protest or resistance from party members, and post any consoling results that might be found!

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Tony Blair was also in Berlin at that time, as Prime Minister,  subjecting the country to years of control and asset stripping by our so called partners. Howard's presence ensured there could be no back-tracking should a real Tory Leader ever emerge!

Look at who owns nearly all our utilities and strategic industries today. Look how relatively impoverished and debt burdened our nation has become!

Demand Cameron's removal to your own Tory MP or MEP!

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