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Time to investigate the EU links of the 90 Tory MPs who ousted IDS!

On 31st October 2003, this blog demanded  an inquiry into those 90 Tory MPs who ousted Iain Duncan Smith, normally known as IDS, from the leadership of the Conservative Party, which permitted Britain's submission to the EU, which has continued uninterrupted to this day, to the economic and moral ruination of our Nation!


Howard's EU Compromise with Clarke

According to the BBC's 'World at One' Programme the sell out by Howard on the EU takes the following form:-
Howard will not allow "his own Euroscepticism to lead him to be intolerant of the views of others."

Clarke stated that he believed that Howard will end the obsession with Europe. His advice is to get back to the centre ground.

Following the Clarke interview it was announced that John Redwood has also now ruled himself out. The Tories are now therefore finished as an anti-EU alternative for all British voters.

Sir Albert McQuarrie also on the programme added to his letter quoted below that some calling to account was required, preferably by a deselection of the 90 MPs who voted against IDS.

A Conservative Board spokesman was also trying to manufacture some form of pretence that in the event of no ballot the voluntary members would be given the chance to indicate their support. A completely ludicrous situation.

The BBC radio also reports that Ladbrokes was paying out on bets placed on Howard winning. A very unusual decision.

Letter from Sir Albert McQuarrie

The following letter appeared in today's The Herald:-

155,000 grassroots members versus 90 MPs

THE rejection of Iain Duncan Smith by the 90 MPs should not be taken lightly by the 155,000 grassroots members of the Conservative Party who elected him leader after a straightforward campaign. Who do these 90 dissidents think they are? If the party rules allow a minuscule number of members who just happen to be MPs to override the wishes of the party members, then the rules must be changed at once. What is the point in one man one vote if any result, like this, can be disregarded?

Two decisions must be taken at once. The Conservative board should be forced to cancel the result of this confidence vote on the grounds that those who elected the leader were given no opportunity to decide whether he should remain or not. Secondly, every constituency association made aware that its member was a party to disgraceful betrayal should immediately deselect that member for the next general election. Disloyal MPs will at all costs try to suggest they voted for Iain Duncan Smith knowing that the secret of how they voted lies within the walls of Committee Room 14. If the Conservative board does not decide to meet as a matter of urgency to deal with this matter, there should be an uprising of local party members with a demand that if the no confidence vote is accepted, the rules should be changed to ensure that only the party members can vote for a new leader no matter who the MPs attempt to put forward. The dissidents have put a further nail in the coffin of this great party. There is no confidence in their ability to dictate to us who we should have as a leader.
With friends like these at Westminster, who needs enemies? Blair and Kennedy must be rubbing their hands in glee as any hope of a Conservative government in the future has been wiped out by this disgusting act by people who have the effrontery to call themselves Conservatives.
Sir Albert McQuarrie, Kintara House, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire.

posted by Martin at 10/31/2003 01:14:00 PM

The even bigger question for the entire country today, is just how many of the 90 MPS who voted to remove IDS, were in one way or another beholden, or eventually to be pensioned by the EU. Such pensions are contingent on continued support for the EU and its institutions, therefore in a very real way these people sold out their country for their own financial gain.

This very same thing occurred in the House of Lords in the past weeks, where the European Union Bill was neutered by Peers holding EU pensions, many of which remained undeclared, as already made clear and often repeated on this blog.

Such is the level of corruption in our system, brought upon us by Party Leaders not only in thrall, but apparently at the beck and call of Rupert Murdoch!

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