Friday, July 08, 2011

The moral and political case for IDS to resume his Conservative Party leadership.

David Cameron has lost the moral and political authority to continue to lead the country. Ridding the nation of this encumbrance to sound policies and morally based judgements ,and therefore it follows, optimum national survival during the rapidly approaching, world economic tsunami, cannot be delayed for much longer. 

The first point that must be dealt with to achieve the National Government (which I believe is becoming the sole recourse,) with the authority to take the urgent decisions to protect the incomes and welfare of Britain’s population, must be taken within the Conservative Party. In calmer times the trashing of our three most recent Prime Ministers by the Murdoch empire could be given time to play out through the process of police enquiries, judicial reviews and the complicated inner politics and leadership election procedures of the Conservative Party, which holds the greatest number of seats in Parliament, from which flows the ability to select an individual to lead the country which other party MPs then have the right to accept or reject.

Iain Duncan Smith was the last leader of the Tory Party to be elected under the system of election introduced by William Hague. The coronation of Michael Howard, followed by the hugely suspect procedures which resulted in David Cameron arriving at the head of the party, are both covered in great detail on my blog Teetering Tories on a day to day basis at the time of each process. In my view, given all the circumstances as there detailed, to my mind IDS has the absolute moral right to to justify the party leadership being returned to him at this difficult moment, for just as long as the coming World Economic collapse continues, and while he can gain the necessary support from the Labour and Liberal Democrats party, whom I would suggest he invites to form a National Government, just as in war time, which the coming months seem likely to resemble.

So much for the moral case. What of the politics?

As I pointed out on these pages earlier this week, eight years ago IDS identified the dangers to our country from the European union, and was subsequently removed from the leadership of his party for his pains. Just as happened to Margaret Thatcher before him. Thatcher and IDS have both been proved entirely correct in all their warnings. Nobody in the Conservative Party, other perhaps than Ken Clarke and a few other EU fanatics, could today argue with that obvious fact.

David Cameron has failed politically. He apparently sacrificed his probity to News International, in order to gain election against the least popular and thoroughly tainted party in recent modern history. He failed! Popular opinion had it, that IDS was ruthlessly dumped following being smeared in the media, because he was considered unelectable. He could hardly have done worse than Howard and Cameron. The crisis that is about to engulf us comes from the EU. Cameron on his record since becoming PM, has proved himself unable to stand up to this monstrous and wealth destroying, oppressive and totalitarian, Construct; which is today slowly consuming both itself and the wealth of its membership to no point!

The founding by IDS of the Centre for Social Justice and his work as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions add tremendously to this upright man's political qualifications for leading the nation where the pain will inevitably be felt most strongly by the poorer members of society!

This post also appeared on Teetering Tories, during David Cameron’s Press conference at 10:20 am 8th July, 2011. It will eventually be repeated on Orphans of Liberty.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO! NO! NO!!!
IDS is another Scot with no loyalty to England.
We have had enough of these creatures.
England needs leaders with at least some regard for our country.

9:44 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

A good point indeed, so who would you suggest Boris?

11:22 AM  

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