Thursday, July 07, 2011

J-C Trichet in Frankfurt - is the end of the EU Empire being foreseen by Hennessy?

Hennessy has a new product, the cognac Paradis Impérial has landed. At Frankfurt airport, Germany. Anyone lucky enough to be travelling through Heinemann Duty Free at Frankfurt airport terminal 1B between now and the end of August will be able to purchase a bottle or two of Hennessy’s latest creation, the Paradis Imperial. (Read more publicity blurb here)

Named after a blend created for the Dowager Duchess Empress of Russia, Maria Federovna, for her son the Tsar, one must wonder, bearing in mind what happened to the Russian Imperial Dynasty, what lies in store for the Euro, and the euro currency of the developing EU Empire, based in Frankfurt and likely to be further skewered by Jean-Claude Trichet, who today further raised EU interest rates, to the added agony of the EU periphery.

Has Hennessy serendipity? Why only Franfurt? See more on the new product, just released, from here.

There will be more on this blog, during or immediately after, Trichet's press conference from Frankfurt on a more serious note!

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