Thursday, July 07, 2011

Lazy Greeks or Lazier Germans? Trichet bans Irish Haircuts!

Good background from the Covering Delta blog this evening on trashing a nation's image prior to an invasion. Read it in full from here, or cast your eye over this graphic and extract:

And the mischaracterization of Greeks as “lazy” speaks to a much larger point, and this is that the attacks being leveled against the Greek nation are not only economic and political, but they are also psychological. Whenever a nation comes under occupation, whether that be economic, political or even military, psychological warfare by the occupiers is crucial to maintaining order and stability within the country’s boarders. After all, if a nation feels that it is entirely to blame for its predicament, then it becomes much easier to convince its people that it also deserves to be punished. In the case of Greece, this punishment includes handing over the keys to our government, our sovereignty, and our economic future

No doubt those sick bankers presently salivating over the privatised assets they are about to be donated from the EU political classes they clearly control, will pooh pooh, the OECD data as false time sheets submitted by the untrustworthy Greeks.

Watch out, your country is on their list!

Ireland again had the whip cracked over its head by Trichet this evening, having struck the indebted nation with another quarter per cent interest rate hike this afternoon, he has now confirmed that the Irish State will get no help in their commiment to honour all the debts of all Irish Banks, presumably until the last native Irishman or woman has been forced to leave the country!

Jean-Claude Trichet's new form of ethnic cleansing perhaps?

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Blogger Sue said...

I'm beginning to smell the distinct odour of desperation now.

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