Friday, July 29, 2011

Kosovo, Kosova Again!

This blog has had much to say about Kosovo and the EU down the years as may be read from here. Now we have the always obvious consequences, read here, from which comes this:

Masked Serbs attacked and burned down a border post at the Serbia-Kosovo border yesterday (27 July) and fired at members of NATO's KFOR peacekeeping force. Two days ago Kosovo forces had launched a similar attack. The EU strongly condemned both attacks.

As I commented to a Daily Telegraph comment thread in August 2008, (before they banned me):

"We should best seek to influence only where we have the wherewithal. The EU has gravely erred over Kosovo and as I repeatedly blogged last February the consequences will be severe. The fault lies with the High Representative Javier Solana and the best starting point for the EU to at least begin to recoup matters would be to take the necessary urgent steps for his summary removal. David Miliband would be best employed in gaining support for such a move from his EU colleagues rather than rushing off to Georgia. The pretence that the Lisbon Treaty can be salvaged and the ongoing push for a diplomatic corps and identity (impossible under Nice) further complicates the chaos caused by the existing contradictions between the role of the EU Presidency, the EU Commission and the High Representive. We are part of the EU that has largely caused this mess, we should be working through the EU to clear that portion up before considering how we can thereafter proceed through Nato, the UN or other security bodies. One other thought, will there be any consequences for the Georgian President's TV posturing with the EU flag? If not, why not?"

A few days before that, here, on this blog I had pointed out the following:

When other world leaders take on the increasingly obvious fact that the EU's leaders are solely concerned with power plays within the grouping, shuffling as much cash as possible back to their own party political organisations and clients and maximising their future pensions, perks and positions within the EU organisation - the sooner this dangerous bunch of chancers and no- hopers can be removed from any influence over world events - and the safer and more financially secure we might all become!
(Emphasis in red added 29th July 2011)

The entire world is now learning that painful lesson, unhappily not solely with regard to Kosova, not a mis-spelling, please read this from here!

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