Sunday, July 10, 2011

Italy seeking help from the EU - Die Welt

Britain needs to be preparing for the coming economic tsunami by appointing a Prime Minister of probity NOW!  Just as I have been blogging all weekend, here on this blog, on Teetering Tories and on Orphans of Liberty.

If Italy goes, read here, so too does the EU!

IDS is one of the few in Cabinet with the right to take over the Tory Party and the track record to show he knows from whence the greatest dange comes!

Von Rompuy has called a meeting of the unelected leeches at the top of the EU, it is not now their concern for they are the ones who have created the wreck!

The seriousness of an Italian call for aide was discussed in detail on this blog yesterday morning, scroll down for a chart on the scale of its horrendous debt and lists of the huge re-financing it requires over the next few months!

Or click on "Watch Italy this Summer" on the side bar on the right.

Update - Elsewhere Bloomberg reports that the EU rescue fund may have to be doubled to €1.5 trillion, read here. Do any of the idiots supposedly running the EU have any concept of just how much money one trillion is????

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