Friday, July 29, 2011

English Democrats gather sufficient signatures for Mayoral election in Salford.

The following press release has been recieved from the English Democrat Party, now this is truly localism at work, not the EU plan for fines and centralised Brussels regional control of ex-national states with purely decorative parliaments:

Referendum triggered by English Democrats - Press Release

The English Democrats are delighted to announce that amply sufficient signatures have now been collected to force Salford City Council to have a referendum on directly electing their Council Leader (aka “Executive Mayor”).

The English Democrats’ Campaign for Elected Mayors passes its first landmark tomorrow at 10.30 at the Salford City Council when 10,500 signatures on our petition for a referendum on the issue will be handed in to Salford’s Returning Officer.

Stephen Morris, the English Democrats’ North West Area Chairman said:- “I am delighted that here in Salford we are leading the way to a better and more open local democracy for the people of Salford City.  Salford has long needed a leader who will fight for Salford and have the democratic clout to do so.  If Salford voters choose to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum then we will have a democratically elected leader with a mandate to equal the Government’s proposed mayor for Manchester!”

Stephen continued:- “We only needed 8,505 to force a referendum but to ensure that Salford’s Council Labour leadership can’t pull any tricks we collected over 10,500.”

Robin Tilbrook, the English Democrats’ Party Chairman said:-  “Last September we launched our campaign for directly elected council leaders for every local authority in England and I am delighted that the fantastic work of our local volunteer, Geoffey Berg, means that Salford City Council will be the first to achieve the necessary 5% of voters signatures to trigger a referendum under the Local Government Act 2000.”

Robin continued “All the British Establishment Parties nationally have pushed for elected mayors to sort out the abysmal standards of both local government decision making and of democratic accountability but at the local level their councillors have usually been too buy looking after their own interests.  This referendum will give the people of Salford the opportunity to have a Mayor to rival London’s Boris Johnson!”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My polling card re electoral mayor was received through the post on the 17TH JANUARY, but it says the deadline for applying for a postal vote is the 12TH JANUARY, 12.

I know this has happened to others too.

3:47 PM  

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