Wednesday, May 11, 2011

EU Minnows Rattled by Institutionalised Mendacity

An alarming report highlighting the incredible naivety of the smaller members of the EU appears in the EU Observer this morning, linked here.

It appears, that contrary to most of the evidence of the past sixty odd years, there are some in the supposed governments of the smaller, mainly German speaking former nations, who believe that the word of any involved in the upper echelons of the EU can be taken at face value.

Finland will be particularly well advised to consider the implications of last Friday's secret meeting, fully reported on this blog, when considering the present assertions of Olli Rehn, reported elsewhere in the same EU Observer, linked here.

Just how many lies are now spread on an almost daily basis can best be illustrated by following the EU commentary on the Greek Bail Out under the EFSF during the past year. In Britain the shame of that event extends across the leadership of all three political parties and deep into the higher levels of the Treasury!



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