Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a difference a year makes! Finns must ask before they vote - "Have we been stitched-up"?"

Think back a year and then ponder the following question - How come the Deputy Foreign Minister of Germany was yesterday able to make the following statement, as reported by Bloomberg, linked here:

Germany Would Back Greece Debt Restructuring, Hoyer Says

To assist in trying to untangle what has been going on over the past year readers may wish to consider this "Question and Answer" report issued by Reuters when the Greek crisis was first receiving Germany's attention.

A default by the Greek Government was then considered an impossibility!

So what has changed. In the interim billions has been spent by the EU's illegal EFSF and also by the IMF to prop up the Greek Economy. A year ago German banks were among those most at risk from a Greek default, is that still true today? How much at risk is the ECB compared with one year ago and how much of that new debt must now be met by Finland?

One year ago, this very Saturday, I posted on this blog a long discussion, linked here, of the crisis as it then appeared under the title:

Germans, Napalm and the Euro Currency.

The posting concluded with the following paragraphs, if the people of Finland do not heed this lesson when they go to the polls tomorrow, the rest of Europe will pay the price as the ridiculous and entirely pointless bail outs continue on to Portugal and thereafter Spain, just as that post predicted with despotism as the price:

Yesterday the European Commission, issued a Press Release marked "Rapide" demanding Economic Governance for the EU to be run by the unelected Commission and the appointed EU Council President Van Rompuy.

The EU is detested across the union by its own people as has been made clear in referendum after referendum. It is supported mainly by those in its pay or the inner circles of those in power in its former nation states and all their hangers-on. It is widely known as non-democratic and corrupt. Its Parliament is a mass of time-serving, expense gobbling pygmies who consistently regulate in matters they do not understand for want of anything better to do. We cannot allow the EU to impose the views of the economically strongest states on the less economically adept states, as such can only ultimately be imposed by force.

Europe does not want another jackboot on its throat as ALL Europeans must now remember the price to be paid in removing it. Read all there is in the raids on Royan! Consider the German launched missile attacks on Southern England when Germany already faced certain defeat!

This blog begs the good people of Germany and democrats everywhere to work to prevent a subsided, strings attached Eurozone or EU bail-out for Greece or any other of the PIIGS.

Devaluation under IMF control, following Euro withdrawal, can save Greece just as it did for Argentina.

The Euro is not worth saving when despotism is the certain price. The Euro, in fact cannot be saved now anyway, the economic facts are too stark. Therefore throwing away the freedoms of the people of Europe will be thus even more pointless. Instituting economic control across the EU, as demanded by the EU Commission yesterday will require force? They forget they have no consent nor any votes from the citizens of the EU!

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