Friday, April 15, 2011

Bring back the Harriers.

A society that is unable to defend itself is a society not worth defending. The RAF clearly is unable to defend the skies over Britain, let alone oust Gaddafi, see Sky News, here.

Once again the fault can be put down to the EU, note this fact, taken from the above link:

The Typhoon supply chain is complex and stretches across Europe. However, the department admitted that it had not been managed well enough or delivered all the required parts when needed.           Commons Public Accounts Committee report

David Cameron may write joint letters to The Times all he wants, until he is pink in the face (blue being an inappropriate simile for this man) and has writer's cramp for months ahead, but his subjugation of the country to EU rule will prevent any progress towards solving the nation's ills, his supposed main task, or has he forgotten that simple fact?

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