Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rigging Opinion Polls in Finland!

This blog has previously pointed out the risks to the EU rescue funds from the rise of the True Finns party in the opinion polls prior to the General Election in Finland which concludes this Sunday.

The latest opinion poll shows this 'Anti-EU Bail Out' party falling to fourth place 16.9% versus the top placed National Coalition Party holding 20.2%. Note the narrow gap between these returns, particularly in the light of the following proviso provided by the newspaper publishing the poll, linked here, as follows:

The reliability of the HS Gallup, like that of other polls, is weaker now than in previous Parliamentary elections, and uncertainty is greatest in the numbers of the True Finns – at least four percentage points in either direction.
      The reason for the uncertainty is that with the recent sharp increase in support for the True Finns, the final decision that the voters make on Election Day could easily change.
In addition to their party preference, respondents to the poll were also asked about the certainty of their choice. Of all of those who have not yet voted, 32 per cent said that they might reconsider.
      Supporters of the Green League were the most uncertain, with 48 per cent saying that they might vote for another party in the end.
      Supporters of the Social Democrats and the Centre Party were found to be the most certain of their choice.

Given the fact that the EU, since the Gödöllö (Hungary) Declaration of 8 April 2011, has clearly turned from being merely non-democratic to being actively anti-democratic, is it not possible to discern clear polling manipulation where the True Finns, in fourth place, are merely 3.3% behind the leaders while they themselves are the ones chosen as subject to an accuracy margin of 4% either way. It seems that for the EU it is the headlines that count!

On these figures it appears obvious that there will be no Parliamentary majority for the imposed Portuguese bail out following Sunday's election. The Finnish Parliament will then be the next in line to be steam-rollered by the EU, following on from Britain (in signing on to the EFSF when no parliament was sitting) Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

Further reading on these crucial elections in Finland - VOA, WSJ, Finfacts Ireland and Reuters Africa.

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