Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BBC spin on the EU Crisis

The BBC has taken money, ostensibly in the form of loans from the EU, for no known purpose or reason.

The BBC is therefore not to be taken seriously when it purports to provide supposedly independent comment on the obscene anti-democratic creation that the EU has now become.

This posting by the BBC's primary EU stooge, Gavin Hewitt, does however rather take the biscuit, read it here.

What should be the primary concerns of the British public in considering the coming anniversary of the bail out of Greece? I would suggest three main matters:

Primarily, as repeatedly pointed out on this blog, the very illegality of the action, there having been no democratic government in place in Britain at that time.

Secondly, as Greek default now approaches, the sheer waste of the billions of pounds undemocratically pledged at a time of huge economic peril for Britain itself!

Thirdly the lies told by the present Prime Minister and his Chancellor in trying to pin the entire blame for this fiasco on the outgoing administration.

No mention of any of these extremely serious and scandalous matters will be found on the BBC blog written by the EU's mouthpiece Gavin Hewitt!

Are you not, like me, thoroughly ashamed of the present state of our now obviously State Broadcaster?  That State clearly now being the non-democratic EU itself!

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