Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prime Minister Cameron's Lie to Parliament - For the record!

The following is a direct quote from a Downing Street statement, linked here:

Britain is not in the Euro. And we are not going to join the Euro.
That is why we should not have any liability for bailing out the Eurozone when the new permanent arrangements come into effect in 2013.
With the current emergency arrangements, established under Article 122, we do.
This was a decision taken by the previous government.
It is a decision we disagreed with at the time. And we are stuck with it for the duration of the emergency mechanism.

My posting on this outrage, noting that the Foreign Secretary absented himself from the Prime Minister's side while it was being made is linked here. The chronology of events at the time the decision to go along with the illegal use of Article 122 (As now admitted by the French Finance Minister and from which meeting the German Finance Minister had deliberately absented himself) and my urging of Cameron and Clegg to prevent Alistair Darling's attendance at the meeting concerned, are all in the archives of this blog.

On 29th April 2010, here, I warned as follows:

If the Euro currency is to be saved, it will be at the expense of all our freedoms both to choose an individual and independent way of carrying on our own national affairs and to live in freedom under our own laws.

Subsequent events now prove that point, when are Britain's Parliamentarians going to do something about it?



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