Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Luck to the film Atlas Shrugged Part 1!

I have selected this quote from Ayn Rand's book to mark the launch date of the movie in the USA:

The controlling stock of Taggert Transcontinental was left to James Taggert. He was thirty-four when he became President of the railroad. Dagny had expected the Board of Directors to elect him, but she had never been able to understand why they did it so eagerly. They talked about tradition, the president had always been the eldest son of the Taggert family; they elected James Taggert in the same manner as they refused to walk under a ladder, to propitiate the same kind of fear. They talked about his gift of "making railroads popular," his "good press," his "Washington ability." He seemed unusually skillful at obtaining favours from the Legislature.

Dagny knew nothing about the field of "Washington ability" or what such an ability implied. But it seemed to be necessary, so she dismissed it with thought that there were many kinds of work which were offensive, yet necessary, such as cleaning sewers;somebody had to do it,and Jim seemed to like it.

May the film get green lights all along the way and the book reach ever more readers!



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