Sunday, April 17, 2011

IMF Axeman for Ireland offers the Catholic Isle a 'Condom Cure'

A 'cock-up' is how the Irish Independent, linked here, describes the explanation of the IMF solution for the impoverished peole of Ireland as an "Irish solution to an Irish problem."

Ajai Chopra, seemed unaware that this phrase carries some very poor connotations, as explained in this quote from the article:

Sure wasn't it thrown around like snuff at a wake way back in 1979 during the ructions over the introduction of a bill by then-Health Minister Charlie Haughey? This radical piece of legislation allowed married couples armed with a medical prescription to purchase from a liberal-minded pharmacist those dreadful rubber thingies for family planning.

Charlie claimed the bill was "an Irish solution to an Irish problem" -- a phrase which was immediately and repeatedly flung back in his face

At least it provided a moment of laughter during the completely bizarre events underway in the downtrodden Irish sector of the EU, as the paper notes in the article's conclusion:

On reflection, perhaps Ajai's use of the phrase "an Irish solution to an Irish problem" was particularly apt. Sure the country is screwed anyway.

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