Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fear stalks the corridors of power.

Yesterday, in Washington, the flags on the White House, the Capitol and other statehouses across the USA flew at half mast in honour of the targeted and shot Congresswoman Representative Giffords and the other innocent victims of the Arizona gunman who struck last weekend. Pictures in this blog post here.

This was not the manner in which other such maniacal mass killings have been recognised in the USA in recent years.

Elected officials, used to mealy-mouthed and lying talk on the duress and sacrifices of public service, who have instead been complicit in the destruction of the West's monetary systems, while greedily ensuring they personally would be exempt from the consequences, sometimes even by filling their own coffers at their electorate's expense, seemed finally confronted with the possibility that one day, they too, might be held accountable for their actions.

Today in Britain's Parliament, the Coalition Government plans to finally destroy the last Parliamentary protections for Britain's citizens and instead place them in the hands of an appointed supreme court, itself only accountable to a similar foreign body, similarly composed of appointed Judges, mostly foreigners, where Britain's vote, voice and Common Law heritage counts for nothing.

Von Heseltine's henchmen will do well to now remember that actions, such as the destruction of a Parliament and a democracy, do indeed carry consequences; pensions for public servants require the ongoing consent of the people who must pay in the decades ahead, the horrendous EU Bill to be debated in Parliament today must be substantially watered down or ideally totally rejected, that is the duty of the MPs to their constituency electorates. Any breach of that duty today will still be on the record when their pensions become due!

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