Monday, December 27, 2010

PFI facts show Major, Blair and Brown defrauded the nation. Withdraw their obscene pensions!

Some detail of the costs to date for taxpayers under the now clearly fraudulent PFI schemes delivered under the past three Prime Ministers are revealed in the Daily Mail, linked here.

The bankrupt state of the nation demands that these three men at least have their Prime Ministerial pensions removed. In my mind they should also be stripped of all personal assets accrued during the period in which they were in supposedly in public service together with assets resulting from such service ie the proceeds from memoirs or public speaking.  They should be housed in typical social housing in the constituencies they represented and receive only the basic state pension once reaching pensionable age.

Perhaps we would then begin to see some public spirited governance from our present set of political leaders, starting with a referendum on our continued membership, post-Lisbon, of the EU, as has been promised by all three parties



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