Thursday, December 23, 2010

Prospects for the EU in 2011

Open Europe have prepared a briefing paper on the EU in 2011 which may be read in full from here.

I have chosen the following paragraph to quote as it highlights the ever-growing democratic deficit which is finally generating some fully justified concerns across the EU:

Given how fragile the situation in the eurozone is, any more jitters on the markets early in the New Year could force EU leaders to substantially increase the size of the existing bail-out package. This, in turn, is likely to trigger new objections from within member states as taxpayers in the richer countries face ever-higher costs for the mistakes of foreign governments that they cannot vote from office. 

Dare we hope that a complete volte-face is possible, if not almost in sight! I will be raising a champagne glass at midnight on 31st December in the hope that this dreadful project is finally abandoned and a proper democratic substitue along the lines of the Swiss Confederation is at last to be considered in the coming year!



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