Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gideon's Sum Book - Nought out of Ten!

Why was the figure of seven billion pounds significant last month, figures released yesterday showed the UK deficit for last month as £23.3 billion pounds, truly awful and around seven billion pounds higher than the generally agreed expectations, read here. Seven billion pounds was also the amount that Chancellor Gideon George Osborne loaned to Ireland to help our close neighbours in that sticken country the bankers facing ruin given the doomed state of the euro. Seven billion was also the rough estimate of the increased contibutions Blair gifted the EU for zero return in his doomed attempt to be EU Council President.

So much for the Coalition Government's accomplishments in spending, what about the much talked about, but never seen, cuts? Well on the first shopping day of the New Year VAT will rise by 2.5% estimated on Gideon's slate to bring in £13 billion in a full year, read here. Harriers and HMS Ark Royal are going, presumably to the huge satisfaction of all Liberal Democrats, but little else.

What should have been accomplished by the end of the Coalition's first months in power should have been something along the lines of what I spelt out at the time of the budget in April 2009, linked here, which I repeat in full as it is so basic and obvious it should not need repeating, but with the mind-boggling deficit announced yesterday perhaps its plain common sense will now be seen even by our kindergarten poltical dimwits. (Note some links may no longer work):

Britain's Debts of Trillions requires ACTION Now!
By the time one strips out the ridiculous optimism of Demented Darling's economic growth projections, add in the IMF identified missing 140 billion pound bank bail out costs and recall that the City of London bears a large part of responsibility for the Global Recession making decent tax revenues from that source unlikely over the coming years any idiot should be able to see that action on public spending is needed TODAY.

The Times has a good budget summary linked here.

Instead of rushing to meet Brown to discuss Daily Allowances for our maggot Members of Parliament (oh what a typical move was that) the Leaders of the two opposition parties should have been demanding early action on the rising debt IMMEDIATELY.

First should come a ceiling on all salaries paid by the taxpayers from 1st May for 2 years at the national average income for the last financial year. This would of course apply across the board, Judges, Civil Servants, Ministers, MP, Doctors the whole kit and caboodle of those who feed off the corpse of a bankrupt state.

Second, as finally voiced in the Chamber of the House of Commons yesterday by John Redwood MP, the Europe Minister should be immediately sent to inform the EU Commission that the raised contributions agreed by Blair, a principal perpetrator of this disaster, can no longer be afforded by the country BUT with the added advice that Great Britain cannot afford to participate in the farce of the June EU elections to the EU Parliament, nor send any MEP to Strasbourg for the next five years at an annual cost of well over one million pounds per head for absolutely zero return.

Third, read my posts from the start of this year, linked here and here.

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