Monday, December 20, 2010

Battling the bankers as a Total Lunar Eclipse clashes with the Winter Solstice

Several of my links from postings on this blog during the past week contained scattered clues as to the nature of the battle now raging between the thuggish international financiers and the politicians in their pay with the personal interests of the Wests' general public. The lackey politicians, whose names are well known and are thus likely to bear the brunt of the coming collapse and chaos, are now beginning to panic with today's planned meeting between Osborne and Cable with some domestic bankers being an amusing side-show.

Names to watch out for as events unfold are of course Osborne and Letwin representing the interests of the Rothschild's in the British Cabinet with Geitner and the Federal Reserve being key on the US side of the Atlantic, although last week J.P. Morgan unusually seemed prepared to openly use their name in a field usually principally headed by Goldman Sachs.

The financiers hope is that matters can be temporarily laid to rest during the Christmas and New Year holidays, today's events on the bond markets will provide a clue as to whether the bankers and their agents have succeeded in this objective, early indications from the Australian markets probably offer them some encouragement so far this morning but Europe remains the critical battleground. If pressure continues in the EU today then the co-incidence of a total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice at dawn of the shortest day tomorrow morning may prove ominous indeed!



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