Sunday, December 26, 2010

Der Spiegel on the Euro Crisis in English, & PM Cameron.

A German viewpoint from Der Spiegel on the ongoing euro currency disaster is linked here. Some interesting reading for Boxing Day!

Christmas Eve saw France retain its triple A credit rating from S & P, as reported here, but the year ahead looks rocky.

The EU created wreckage in Europe now extends from Greece, through Italy to the Iberian Peninsular and on up to Ireland. Britain itself lies wrecked, ravaged and gutted with its utilities and major companies either in foreign hands or completely disappeared. France has prospered during the last decades as the German juggernaut advances, but I suspect now that they have fulfilled their role as the useful idiot their turn to be gutted is about to arrive.

When will the leaders of the EU's other 25 ex-democracies and former independent nation states begin to act like their French and German counterparts and realise that their primary duty is to the interests of their own citizens?

Comment on the ConservativeHome Blog, here, offers some encouragement that Briain's EU grovelling leader is beginning to be seen for what he is even among his own supporters, a quote:

" It takes a certain type of individual to be able to sack and make an example of a hard-working, loyal Tory minister - for the merest of mistakes - and then, on the other hand, excuse - where there was no justification to excuse - a Coalition partner's Minister in order to appease & preserve the Coalition and keep himself as Prime Minister.
We saw this 'quality' in Cameron when he so blatantly reneged on his EU promises.
I don't think I have ever known any other British politician who could have so shamelessly done what he did. I just don't understand how any person could sink to such depths and still look people in the eye.

Anyway. These two examples tell us something about Cameron, going forward.
We should all watch out. Normal rules of priority, national interest, proper fairness, order & principle will not apply if those values stand between Cameron and what he is seeking to achieve"



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