Thursday, October 28, 2010

An open query to Sir John Sawers head of MI6

In a complete break with all past precedent the head of Britain's secret services today went public and made a televised speech as reported here by Sky News. One quote struck me particularly and it also appeared on the linked website, it was this: He added he is confident that all of his staff "act with the utmost integrity and with an eye on basic decency and moral principles". I have been active and sometimes worked alongside and within various groups dedicated to withdrawing the UK from the non-democratic European Union. There is a widespread belief among many most closely involved in democratically working to restore our Parliament's sovereignty that some in the intelligence services have worked to politically frustrate this objective. This belief appears to have begun during the John Major era but it necessarily must have been agreed by both (if not all three) main political parties, determining that remaining within the EU was a question of national security and instructing the heads of the intelligence services to proceed accordingly. As it is now perfectly clear that the policies followed by these three main parties insofar as the Common Market, European Community and today's EU are concerned, have proved an economic and democratic disaster for the country. I therefore address the following open query to the now more open head of MI6 as follows: To Sir John Sawers, MI6 "As present head of MI6 and clearly unafraid of publicity, can you please confirm that no UK intelligence activities will be directed against those seeking the withdrawal of Britain from the EU"



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