Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Has Bernanke surrendered to the forces of chaos?

The speech of the Federal Reserve Chairman to a joint conference with the FDIC on the USA mortgage crisis seems to have offered no hope for the watching world that there is anybody leading the nation that owns the US Dollar and is thus the controller of our globe's sole reserve currency who has the first clue of what they are about. Greenspan's whirlwind runs apparently totally outside of the control of his heir. In the US., the mid-term elections at least provide the electorate with a chance to show their disgust at the two main parties, anger possibly leading some to a vote for a Tea Party candidate others, I hope in greater numbers, may consider the Libertarian Party which seems a better route back towards the original ideals of democracy. In the UK the housing crisis is also the most obvious symptom of the chaos created by our two main political parties. My posting of yesterday morning hinted at the apparently already decided solution for social housing and 'buy to let' greed, transfer of the assets for practically nothing from the latter to the former is a neat idea, especially after having watched last evening's BBC Panorama Programme (no doubt exactly as was intended by our devious rulers). Underwater mortgage paying homeowners urgently need help as they are presently unaffected by the new benefit rental cap. To avoid such families becoming entangled in such a government scheme (assuming Lib/Dem backbench opposition allows it to proceed) surely now is the moment to divide equity losses proportionately between borrowers and lenders for mortgages taken out since Brown and King deliberately chose to ramp up the property market?

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