Thursday, October 28, 2010

EU Budget only one of seven ways the EU gets our money

Much hoo-haa will no doubt surround the EU budget being slightly reduced over the next two days by the Council of Europe where Britain will be represented by the snake in the grass David Cameron who has since becoming Prime Minister shed his eusceptic skin and now sports his true eufanatical colours. In exchange for obtaining some small savings he is reported to be ready to agree a new treaty for the Euro Currency members, on the grounds that it cannot apply to Britain thus once again avoiding a referendum while conveniently ignoring the fact that the Lisbon Treaty eventually requires us to join. When France and Germany, now owning almost our entire infrastructure and utilities, decide the time is ripe they will squeeze, we will capitulate - join the Euro and thus be bound by all Eurogroup treaty provisions, we will have no choice - defeated nations never do! The EU Budget is in any event a complete side-show, as it is only one of seven ways in which the corrupt EU siphons our cash to waste in the craziest ways while neverthess destroying growth and any chance of Europe re-gaining prosperity. An EU working paper published in May of this year and written by Alain Lamassoure, linked here, from which I quote the following: III. The vast complexity of funding European policies 12. Contrary to what people might think, the Union budget is far from being the only instrument for financing European policies and, by extension, actions related to common European objectives. In fact, there are no less than seven categories of sources, each of which obeys different rules. (Read the rest from page 4 of 8 on the link above). Cameron is a smooth talking confidence trickster who should not be trusted one inch, watch him over the next few days, his treachery over Europe is approaching levels not seen in the Conservative Party since Edward Heath and Geoffrey Ripon.

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You missed out the other traitor, Major of Maastricht infamy.

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