Friday, October 29, 2010

Cameron's "Vichy" style surrender to the EU

The following is this morning's blog from Lord Tebbit, quoted here in full just click here to view the Telegraph reader's comments! (Comments from Daily Mail readers to the same post are here):

There are reports this morning that the Prime Minister is preparing to retreat on pledges to cut the European Union budget and will accept a deal that would increase British taxpayers’ contribution by at least £435 million. My reaction is that if Parliament is indeed sovereign, then Mr Cameron should simply refuse flat to agree to any increase whatsoever in the EU’s budget.

He may find himself isolated in that position – as other European leaders fall into line with the Commission’s demands. But he would do better to go down fighting than to surrender in some Vichy-style arrangement, pretending to hold on to sovereignty by agreeing to what Europe demands.

The empty decks of the aircraft carriers will mock a decision to subsidise the ambitions of our masters in Brussels.

(Blog editor's emphasis added by Ironies Too. HEAR, HEAR, Well said Lord Tebbit!)



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