Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Britain's Foreign Office - A National Disgrace

"We understand that so many of you feel jaded and sceptical about the EU." So begins a propaganda blast from the FCO expounding all the well rehearsed and totally imaginary benefits that the EU is supposed to bring. The EU is a means of carrying on economic warfare between the former nation states of Europe in which Britain has become the main economically slaughtered and defeated victim. All perpetrated with the active support of the traitors within the FCO. Ask any Briton to examine their utility bills from the early 1970's before the European Communities Act, all would have come from British owned (sometimes nationalised and therefore publicly owned companies). Today not just gas and electricity but also our water comes from foreign (mainly french and german companies). QED Living here in France all my utility bills come from french businesses as should be the case. The Foreign Offices of France and Germany and their Governments are run by patriots fulfilling their proper duty in protecting the best interests of their citizens. The traitors in Britain's FCO and recent Governments seem purely interested in the spoils they can personally gain from operating on a broader stage than the UK can now offer them, due solely to the treachery of their recent forerunners. Read the full FCO codswallop, from here, put out on 30th July in response to a deluge of citizens complaints. It truly makes one wish to weep at their sickening incompetence and matching complacency!



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