Wednesday, August 04, 2010

EU to attempt to prevent Britain's offshore oil developments

The startling report reflected in the headline to this posting is prompted by an article in this morning's The Independent, linked here. The headline to the newspaper's article provides the opposite view in stating "Government to buck global trend for ban on deep-sea oil drilling" but within the report we find the following: "The EU's energy commissioner, G√ľnther Oettinger, describes a moratorium as the "right approach for potentially dangerous drilling... in light of the risk exposed by the Deepwater Horizon spill", and the Italian Environment minister, Stefania Prestigiacomo, said the plans in the Med "give rise to serious concern". But the Government made clear yesterday it would not veto the Shetland scheme, arguing that tough safety rules would prevent a repeat of the environmental catastrophe triggered by the Deepwater Horizon explosion." Given the ongoing British subservience to the EU., in doing all the ridiculous things that will eventually lead to the further impoverishment of the nation, we must wonder how long it will be before the Clegg weakened Conservatives will fold in this sensible veto against capitulation to hysterical nonsense in the face of our future energy shortfalls. Finally the facts on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico were made public by the BBC today on the programme of that name. Listen from here. (Later update: The link to the NY Times article mentioned in the broadcast is linked here).



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