Thursday, July 29, 2010

Westminster Parliament excluded from EIO consideration

The authoritarian and non-democratic coalition of Cameron and Clegg refused Parliament the right to consider (let alone debate) the oppressive EIO., [as discussed in my earlier postings below]). Worse the totalitarian tendency among civil servants in the Justice Department clearly had plenty of time for full consideration and submitted many suggestions as to how this appalling instrument to extend policing rights to foreign forces within the UK could be improved upon, read here. Other Parliaments and a plethora of Civil Organisations listed under the heading "Civil Society" had plenty of input as may be read from this link. Here can be seen the hard truth, that when it comes to protecting the rights of UK citizens, the UK Government of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition is, just like their predecessors, not reluctantly proceeding with turning the UK into a police state, they are actually in the vanguard of this movement and deliberately excluding the elected representatives of the people from the chance to have any input. The decision to "opt in" under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty has now been made, leaving all the final changes and the certainty that this will become EU law only subject to a majority vote in the EU Council. Can any now doubt that the power for voters to peacefully change their rulers, without bloodshed, has thus been completely lost, exactly meeting the description of a "tyranny" as defined by Karl Popper. In sneaking these facts out on the last day of Parliament on the day it begins its summer holidays, they are following the well worn track forged last year by Gordon Brown when the National Audit Report that the Government had acted beyond their legal powers over the bank bailout similarly appeared as Parliament dispersed (as blogged about at this same time last year). Those EU member states able to give their Parliaments the chance to review these proposals were as follows, listed as they appear in the link above:

National Parliaments



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