Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Britain's real debts - Criminal negligence charges now essential!

The Office of National Statistics has now confirmed what this blog has been maintaining over many years, namely that the true debt of the country (some four trillion pounds, read here), represents one obvious fact, namely that a huge theft has been taking place from future generations to such an extent and in such secrecy that criminal negligence charges or worse ( treason perhaps as much of the money has gone to the EU) seem a necessary first step to make the adjustments to be borne by the general public over many years even slightly acceptable. Politicians who have overseen the Treasury since the resignation of Margaret Thatcher should be taken into custody and their actions over many years fully investigated naturally at the expenditure level but also considered alongside the benefits received by their political parties in the form of sinecures, appointments and payments, including pensions, from the EU. A quadrupling of national debt figures, kept hidden from the public, as it has been for many years, can only possibly result from the complete connivance of the entire political class in a truly monstrous conspiracy. Remember this post from just over one year ago, raising similar questions that still remain unanswered!

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