Friday, July 09, 2010

The German Constitutional Court and the EU Bail Out

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has provided a competent explanation in his column in the Daily Telegraph this morning, read it from here. Up to now the German Constitutional Court has hesitated to go as far as to rule that the constant infringements against Parliamentary Democracy break their Constitution, while the Parliaments of all the other member states have similarly watched their powers destroyed. The EU has been put in such a powerful position so that today it is able to say to the people of the EU "We have control of your money, give us the right to tax and govern you as only we non-democratically see fit, or we will destroy your money, savings and pensions by allowing the chaos of a Euro collapse." The collapse of the Euro was always an economic certainty without centralised, totalitarian EU control. National Parliaments can resist now at far less cost than will result following years of despotic and elitist rule. Never forget, as detailed on this blog, that the EU project has always been bound to arrive at this point! Will the pain of a Euro collapse this year be less than that which would follow yet more years of non-democratic corrupt Governance à l'EU?



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