Monday, July 19, 2010

MEPs celebrate SWIFT and Vacations

The Miserable European Parasites of Strasbourg are off on holiday in celebratory mood over their new powers granted by the Lisbon Treaty and demonstrated by the SWIFT compromise. Power at last brings some justification for their obscene salaries, pensions, perks and wasted lives over many decades. Read the EU subsidised BBC report here and the BBC The Record Europe, presented by that shining example of EU and BBC nepotism, Shirin Wheeler, from here. The video reflecting the reality of life when elites grind ordinary people into the ground and ever deeper debt is something MEPs should reflect upon during their fully undeserved holidays. Britain's Prime Minister, who claims not to understand the Facebook support for the recently dead gunman and murderer Moat, read here, should reflect that mindless anger may be randomly directed anywhere - the consequences of the enormity of the theft of an entire Continent's national sovereignties and democracies cannot possible be imagined ........ those who owe their souls to "Company Stores" taste helplessness! (Later update - same message, more words on the same US problem in the American Spactator, linked here).

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