Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ever downwards towards Depression

A good analysis of the ever deepening economic crisis appears in the Asian Times this morning, titled "Unholy trinity sets up bank failures" written by Chan Akya which may be read from this link. Another worthwhile weekend or summer holiday article of note is in the American Spectator, linked here and titled "America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution". I found one particular comment to this article very apt as follows:

Cincinnatius| 7.16.10 @ 3:34PM

Here, here! The apathy/ignorance of the America electorate over decades has allowed the formation of a "political caste" in America. Another way to describe it might be a "political peerage", which I find interesting considering the repugnance that most Americans have for the concept of "better by birth", though many Europeans readily accept the premise. Somehow, Americans forgot the principle espoused and endorsed by Washington, "power comes from the consent of the governed." Now, those in power are more inclined to tell us to sit down and shut up, we know what is best for you, like a parent often tells an unruly child who is throwing a fit for something he doesn't need. Perhaps it is time the American people started acting like rebellious teens, who are often ready to throw the baby with the bath water in order to assert independence. I know one thing, we can't continue to allow our "betters" to act with impunity. Plato said it best, "Either be interested in politics or be ruled by your inferiors."