Saturday, May 15, 2010

Treasures from the threads - Number forty-two

At the head of the Comments section to an insightful column from Simon Heffer on the Constitution in the Daily Telegraph this morning comes the following: =====

Simon Heffer is quite right. There was nothing in the Conservative Manifesto about fixed term Parliaments. Leave our Monarchy alone for our loyal and true allegiance is to it, and to none other. The UK does not have fixed term Parliaments. Dissolution of Parliaments is a prerogative act and may occur at any time-remember that. We, here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland live under a Monarchy and not in a State of European Union. A temporary Government may have ratified an EU Treaty that allows it to state that the EU has "competence" over national Constitutions and laws but the people did not agree to any such Treaty for they were not asked, and there are parts of our Constitution that cannot be touched by temporary Governments because they are Treaties between the peoples of this Country and the Monarchy. To agree to such a treaty that allows “competence” over national Constitutions is, as far as this Country is concerned and the solemn Oaths each Member of Parliament make-though elected by the people-before you may take up your seats in the House of Commons is, I would suggest, suspect to say the least. Our Common Law Constitution has lasted for hundreds of years, the last war 1939-1945 was fought very hard to make sure our way of life, our Monarchy and our Constitution and laws were saved, rather than have alien laws foisted upon us. We are no longer going to have our own Constitution messed about in order to ‘fit in’ with the European Union. The people have had enough of foreign laws in this Country. What is the point in having a Government that has to obey all the same EU orders that we have to do? We will work with others but we will no longer be governed by them or alter our Constitution and lose the British Crown or its authority to do so. Our Queen is not an EU Citizen as one Conservative Prime Minister stood up in Parliament and gleefully announced. Had he have dared to say such in the reign of Elizabeth 1st, he might have lost an important part of his body. Just be thankful we have such a graceful Queen, the Flag of the United Kingdom and the Anthem we robustly sing at football matches, “God save our Gracious Queen”. Long may she Reign.

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