Friday, May 14, 2010

Cameron - Traitor to England

The Guardian this evening reports Cameron, in his strange dash of today to Scotland, has conceded to the Scottish Nationalists more English subsidies AND the right to raise income tax, linked here. In England, of course, no reform of the unbalanced Barnett Formula is yet proposed. I warned on my blog Teetering Tories, this morning of the dangers ahead and repeat that posting herewith:

Friday, May 14, 2010

Obituary for the Tories and the moment England faced annihilation! Jeff Randall in this morning's Daily Telegraph writes a brilliant summary of the thoroughly evil disaster that was the New Labour Project, linked here. Of greater interest to readers of this blog is the fate of the Tories. Am I the only Englishman this morning amazed at the new Prime Minister's sudden dash to the small subsidiary country to our north to visit Alex Salmond, the loud mouth Scot who less than one week ago was slavering on our television screens as to how much (he refused to offer any actual demand) he would be able to extract via Brown from the English taxpayers as the price for keeping that despot in power? This blog has much in its archives on the doubts as to where David Cameron's true loyalties lie, given his boastfulness about the strength of the Scottish blood flowing through his veins and ambivalent attitude to the unequal funding arrangements in force across the UK. I blogged elsewhere on the providential nature of the final voting figures and seat distribution in last week's election, but look closely at the numbers and one can quickly see how close England came to facing economic strangulation by the combined forces of the Brown henchmen and the Celtic fringe nationalists. If there is to be electoral reform the English must now ensure that an outcome that almost took place this week can never again remain a possibility under our constitutional arrangements. As Cameron in his new role as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has seen fit to prostrate himself before the First Minister of the junior and subsidiary so-called Scottish Parliament it appears that the English must rely on the polyglot Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to protect their interests, yet given his admiration for all that the misguided and corrupted EU represents, how can we possibly do so? One thing is certain at this dawn of the new Coalition Politics, not just New Labour but also the old Tory Party and its values have today been cast aside. The progress of the coalition, which presently has my full support in view of the numerical imperatives (for which Cameron is to blame), may be followed on my new blog, linked here and added to the side-bar links. My beliefs in what I can best describe as the old Conservative values nevertheless remain intact, albeit nowhere represented in Britain's Parliamentary party politics



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