Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weak euro may give the UK an extra day.

The Euro whose weakening currency in overnight Far East financial markets might give Nick Clegg a little extra time to perform his weird mating performance of Labour in the face of the electorate's absolute numeric imperatives which require a Concordat with Cameron's faux conservatives. Reality arrives slowly in these present times. The euphoric greeting of Sunday's one trillion euro prop-up package by the markets yesterday morning show that ignorance and fickleness is nowadays not confined to the world's political leaders. There seems little point on blogging on political matters and the larger items that move the world's markets and thereby affect the lifestyles and prosperity of us all if logic is never allowed to prevail. I have lately been unsurprised at the stupidity of the players who move the events on which this blog attempts to critique. The amazing moves by Brown and Clegg last evening were an exception, the volte face by Jean-Claude Trichet at the ECB on now accepting worthless paper as collateral is another. If the Conservative/LiberalDemocrat Concordat now fails to materialize then I will abandon my interest in these matters and instead study the lifestyles of all the various creatures which this spring happily inhabit my garden pond, at least they follow the diktats of nature!



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