Sunday, May 09, 2010

65 is pension time for post-war consensus!

I have started a new blog to follow the changing face of British politics following last Thursday's rejection by the British people of its political class. A link has been added to the sidebar of this blog. Read the first posting from here. Look at the first image in the article in the Mail link from here. On the right stands Gordon Brown, a figure today epitomising all that has gone wrong in Britain's politics. To his left stand two men upon whom the hopes for our nation must now rest - David Cameron and Nick Clegg, theirs is a heavy burden with grave consequences for us all. Whatever this blogger has posted in the past, his support and hopes go out to them both. Frightening events today unfolding in Europe on this 65th anniversary weekend of a far distant hopeful moment for Europe will continue to be monitored and commented upon from this blog.



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