Thursday, May 13, 2010

EU Commission makes itself target for austerity protests

A good report from Canada linked here, provides the striking image at the top of this post. Do these EU idiots have any idea of the dangerous forces they are now unleashing? In the Telegraph this morning one article is headlined "EU imposes wage cuts on Spanish 'Protectorate,..." linked here, while Reuters openly muses on the obvious likely response of the Spanish Unions. Meantime and concurrently, as I report on my blog The Strasbourg Cesspit, MEPs plan to vote on yet another increase in their obscene expenses. While the trampled former electorates of those in the Eurozone will have the luxury of the EU on which to vent their spleen over their impoverishment in the cause of continuing supplies of bonuses to the banks and their employees and allowances to the MEP troughers, those in Britain will have only the new Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition to blame for the pain of redressing the incompetence of the Brown and Blair years! Simple measures available to UK Governments such as VAT rises and public pay cuts should be enacted as soon as possible to ensure thet the later inevitable blame is correctly targeted, an IMF audit of the national accounts should also be a sensible first step!

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