Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Royal Promise broken like Pie Crust

A year ago tomorrow morning, I posted the following on this blog. Today the Queen will attend Westminster Abbey for a service of remembrance for 2000 guests. This time she will be forced to confront and consider the Coronation Oath she took 60 years ago last Sunday, the actual date of which awsome commitment she appears keen to avoid. Later this week our real rulers meet in Watford. Will she now ACT?

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Crunch time for Queen Elizabeth II of England!

There were incredible scenes in the Mall and on the Victoria Memorial in front of Buckingham Palace last evening, culminating in the lighting of the National Beacon, others of which had been lit across the world in Commonwealth member countries throughout the day.

The Queen well deserved the musical tributes delivered last evening, for she has impeccably fulfilled the detail and ceremonial requirements of her role throughout her sixty year reign .

The crunch will come today at St Paul's Cathedral, when she will be expected to renew or at least recall her Coronation Oaths. The situation across the EU today with the crisis in the Eurozone cannot therefore any be longer avoided, or be pretended as not existing.

The loyalty to the Queen, offered so clearly by her millions of subjects and supporters, as demonstrated over this Diamond Jubilee weekend cannot co-exist with the pretence that we still rule ourselves according to our own laws and customs.

We can sink with the rest of the EU alongside the common currency we never joined, or seek an honourable exit saving what we may. The people have every right to look to their Queen to take them in the latter direction according to the solemn oath she swore in Westminster Abbey, sixty years ago!

Update Midday - BBC report with video of the beacons from here.
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queen of united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland. there is no such thing as the queen of england

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