Friday, May 24, 2013

Is Cowardice the defining characteristic of Cameron and his fellow EU Leaders?

"The sleepwalkers" is the theme of both The Economist magazine's cover piece and its main leading article in the editions which hit the newsstands this morning, but is that an adequate explanation for the gross incompetence of the EU's leadership?

This blogger has concentrated on the affairs of the EU for over ten years and can pretty certainly state that sleepwalking is clearly not the issue, in fact such a description ducks the reality in exactly the same manner used by the EU leaders themselves, in their futile efforts to avoid both the past the truths and the daily growing evidence of all its consequences, touching as they now do upon almost every aspect of Europeans' daily lives.

Such avoidance of reality, that cannot possibly be explained except by them all having at some point having taken a conscious decision so to do!  THAT is cowardice, brought about from fear of the consequences of their past inactions and deliberate neglect!

Sleepwalking it most certainly is NOT!

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