Friday, May 31, 2013

Incredibly EU Seems Surprised it's DETESTED in the UK

There is an interesting article in La Stampa (in English) today which may be read from here, try to make it through the emails from British residents it quotes.

It appears the writer Marco Zatterin and the EU spokesman he quotes, Jonathan Todd, appear taken aback by the depth of feeling displayed and it is suggested in the article such matters should be handled as gentlemanly affairs!

Almost simultaneously on Twitter another article was linked "The Spiders Web" from The Backbencher, also linked here, describing the betrayal by Britain's ruling classes of the people of the former democracy and sovereign nation.

The British people are perfectly able to express themselves in these matters, and my more than ten years of blogging describes step by step the deceit and defrauding that has delivered us to both economic bankruptcy and rule from abroad.

Any surprise from Brussels, one would imagine, would be therefore feigned, yet it is such a removed and corrupted ivory tower, perhaps it is not. They should prepare themselves for a shock, as I detect similar disgust and despair at the EU near my home here in France, it surely must be the case in Greece, Ireland and Portugal. In the past two weeks in Sweden others also must be reaching similar conclusions.

Look at the benefits those involved in the EU award themselves, then survey the widespread economic catastrophe they have caused and ask themselves, quite seriously, do they truly believe this can be resolved in a gentlemanly manner?


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