Monday, May 27, 2013

Cameron, Swiveling Eyes to his "juvenile idiots"

Janet Daley just over six years ago summed up pretty well in the Daily Telegraph, much of what was wrong with David Cameroneven  then AND more certainly so today. Incredible that the Conservative Party have stuck with him so far, read her full article of 21st May 2007 from here, or just these telling extracts:

"Well the Tories certainly have stolen the limelight from Labour. In a week that should have belonged entirely to the New Brown Enterprise, they managed to get every politically astute eye in the country to swivel their way in disbelieving fascination....

"Team Cameron seems to have no idea what was so truly and deeply offensive about their monumental grammar school debacle, or why everything that they said about it, or forced official party spokesmen to say about it, made it worse...

" Do these people know anything at all about the feelings and motivations of real people? Do they have any conception of what it was they were repudiating when they accused the most virtuous and devoted parents in the country of what sounded for all the world like a crime against humanity?......

"The Cameron project has, at a stroke, restored patrician condescension to the heart of Conservative philosophy. Apparently oblivious to the sinister aspect that their own upper-class, public-school backgrounds would inject into this debate, they have revived a species of class war that prevailed in this country long before the Marxist version: the aristocratic loathing of the middle-class upstart.

"The destitute are sympathetic because they can be patronised and "helped": the real enemy is the striving, overly-conscientious burgher who insists on helping himself."

These are the voters, together with the self-motivators from among former Labour Party supporters, who are now (and will continue in ever growing numbers)  flocking to UKIP!


Blogger James Higham said...

Quite pleased to be one of the swivel-eyed brigade, just quietly.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I'd got into more blog reading before 2010, but was to busy working to help pay for my grandsons school fees. I wouldn't have sent my dog to his local school.
And definately wouldn't have voted cons in 2010. But hey I've seen the light now and become a swivel-eye looney... :)

5:05 PM  

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