Sunday, August 05, 2012

Ordinary Britons mirror the determination of their Olympian medal winners.

Yesterday, Britain's athletes, in winning six gold medals plus others, delivered a simple message to the defeatist elite who have corruptly governed and ignored them for decades.

The idiocy of David Cameron, having on the eve of such huge endeavours, abandoned any hope of our country from ever being rescued from the malign clutches of the EU, is brilliantly examined by the Weekly Standard from across the Atlantic, linked here, titled "Europe, Bloody Europe".

The determination to win, sometimes especially well demonstrated in the bitter regrets and unnecessary apologies to their countrymen and women, by the athletes who came so close to a medal, but just failed, sends out a powerful message. So too, do the masses of ordinary people who struggled to get involved, in spite of the clearly corrupted ticketing and seating practises and price gouging by the official Olympic sponsoring companies.

My opinion of what that message says, may well not be held by many within the Westminster bubble nor those whose actions down recent decades have delivered its opposite. Time will tell, but perhaps a sea-change is now underway.

The worm will turn eventually with the rot and corruption at the top now so daily on view and its consequences so hardly felt in almost every aspect of daily life.

EU withdrawal CAN be achieved, all it will take will be for the nation to gather the same determination as that shown and delivered by our athletes who competed and still compete at the London Olympics 2012.


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